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Welcome, Shodkk, Happy to see you Here…We also want to connect with you We want to know each of you individually to make our journey to the next level.

Knowing each other makes us the Human we are!!!! We are Social animal but in this in this changing World, our socialism is getting less…

We may talk to anyone on social media but it is a part of lust…correct me if I am wrong.

At Shodkk…You help find you someone like you!! With whom U can Talk more freely, Share Your Life experience..Your Goal, Your Learning.

This Help you Learn what you want faster with joy and keep U consistence..Right?

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Like a Friend… without having any love lust Feeling…Partner fir sharing your Learning experience.

For Growing your mind set…which make you a Complete Man a Proper Human Being.

For More And If you want to

Join Shodkk and Be a Shodkk = “Researcher”. So that you can adapt yourself in this Fast-Changing Tech World.

Get Weekly World Update on Sunday.

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Social Media Find Someone Like You, with whom you can study and share your progress. On Mail contactus@shodkk.com

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“Are you Scrolling Social Media Daily? No Problem but on Sunday Scroll your Mail, Get something Knowledgabe. All headline from the world